About Esthetician Careers

Welcome to estheticiancareers.com. Our goal is to help individuals exploring career options learn whether an esthetician career might be a good career path for themselves. If you are considering an esthetician career, we’ll provide you with the most common types of facts and information that aspiring estheticians seek:

Esthetician career photo of esthetician giving facialWhat is an esthetician?

Choosing an esthetician school & getting licensed

Esthetician jobs and types of  career paths

Esthetician salary information

Medical estheticians – what makes them different

Is an Esthetician Career for You?

A career in esthetics might be a great fit for you if you:

  • want a job that is enjoyable
  • love helping people feel good about themselves
  • enjoy experimenting with cosmetics and trying new skin care products
  • place importance on your own appearance
  • want a professional career with options
  • would enjoy working in a spa or salon environment
  • want to work in a career field that offers opportunities for growth

To be a good esthetician, it’s important that you work well with your hands. It is also vital that you have an approachable personality that puts clients at ease.  Estheticians are knowledgeable about the care of skin and learn to recommend products and services that are safe and effective for specific types of skin and a variety of skin conditions.

If an esthetician career sounds promising so far, go next to: What is an Esthetician to learn more about what estheticians actually do.


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