Our Esthetician Career Website is Live

Esthetician career training - photo of esthetician applying facial maskWe’re pleased to announce that our esthetician career information website is now live! The site provides information that answers some of the most common questions that people have when considering a career in esthetics. Peruse our topic areas below. If you have other esthetician career information in mind you would like to see on our site, please let us know.

Esthetician Career Information You Will Find On Our Site

We love the field of esthetics and want to provide information to the public about the exciting career paths available to estheticians. We’ve focused on the information that is in highest demand from individuals seeking more information about an esthetician career.  Upon launch, our site contains the following information:

About esthetician careers — describing what the site is about and what you’ll find inside

What is an esthetician? — explaining what estheticians do and listing duties that are commonly found on an esthetician’s job description

Esthetician school and training information — clarifying what type of training estheticians need and where they can go to school to get the education required

Esthetician jobs — providing detail about the job outlook for estheticians over the next few years (this information is exciting!)

Esthetician salary information — showing details about how much estheticians earn, including average salaries for different types of estheticians

Medical esthetician overview — providing information about this growing career field and explaining what differentiates it from traditional esthetician work

We will also be adding pages over time as well as writing this blog. If you have questions you would like to see us answer or if you would like to see specific types of esthetician career information added, please let us know. Just add your comments or questions below and share your thoughts!


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